Brain & Breathing

Members of the Team

Gaspard Montandon, PhD

Team leader

Gaspard Montandon is the team leader of the Brain & Breathing Science laboratory. He likes to design, tinker, and improve technologies allowing great discoveries. When he is not running with his 4 kids, you can find him playing beach volleyball at Ashbridge’s Bay!

gasp.lab@gmail.comResearch GateBiography

Carolina da Silveira Scarpellini, PhD

Research Technician

Carolina is a talented PCR operator and surgery maestro. She is running the lab with an iron fist.

Jamil Danaf

Master student

Jamil is a second year master’s student at the University of Toronto. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing basketball and hiking.

Shenhab Zaig

Master student

Shenhab’s research focuses on using zebrafish models for understanding opioid-induced respiratory depression and to find safe opioid pain therapies. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, climbing and binge watching TV shows. Her favourite animals are birds and if she could have a superpower she would teleport.

Andreea Furdui

Master student

Andreea’s research focuses on studying the cell types involved in opioid-induced respiratory depression. Outside the lab, she enjoys road trips and curling up with a good book.

Jean-Philippe Rousseau, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

Jean-Philippe is a postdoctoral fellow who joined our team with a strong background in the neural control of breathing. Supported by a CIHR fellowship, his research focuses on alleviating respiratory depression by opioids through targeted optogenetics stimulation. When he’s not working at the laboratory, you will find him spending quality time with his family or spiking volleyballs on the court.

Yara Zayed, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

Yara is a post-doctoral fellow who did her PhD in molecular biology using zebrafish at York University. She is investigating the mechanisms of action of opioids and performs drug discovery in larval zebrafish

Past Members

Wendy Wang

Undergraduate Student

Wendy Wang was an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a medical school program at the University of Calgary.

Alexandra Ho

Undergraduate Student

Alexandra was an undergraduate student interesting in research and graphic design. She is now doing a program in biomedical graphic design at the University of Toronto.

Vivian Biancardi, PhD

Visiting Posdoctoral fellow

Vivan is a postdoctoral fellow from the University of Alberta and was visiting our lab in a collaboration with Dr. Greg Funk.

Lauren Levy

Undergraduate student

Lauren is a third year neuroscience student at the University of Toronto. When she’s not in the lab or studying, she can be found training for UC Dragon Boat or involved with the Neuroscience Association of Undergraduate Students. She also likes biking. She’s from Hawai’i and still adjusting to having seasons.

Samantha Mahabir, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Samantha is our fish expert and she knows all the tackles and baits to perform outstanding fishing experiments