Gaspard Montandon, PhD

Gaspard Montandon, PhD, is a scientist at the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science – St. Michael’s Hospital and Assistant Professor in the Division of Respirology – Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Research: Dr. Montandon is one of the pioneers in Canada in the study of respiratory depression by opioids. His strategic research program aims to identify the mechanisms regulating opioid-induced respiratory depression and to find safe opioid pain therapies without the lethal side-effects of respiratory depression. His program combines biomedical research in rodents and drug discovery in zebrafish, and is supported by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Canadian Lung Association, the Ontario Thoracic Society, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation, and the Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program.

Teaching: Dr. Montandon is regularly teaching undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto such as Human Physiology (PSL-301). He is also teaching graduate courses on respiratory physiology in the Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine. He also gives more general lectures at OISE and the department of Physiology related to the opioid epidemic.

Technology: To satisfy his engineering aspirations, Dr. Montandon is also member of iBest, the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Technology, a partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital.

Education:  Dr. Montandon received his PhD at Laval University (Quebec city) under the supervision of Drs. Richard Kinkead and Aida Bairam. He did his postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Richard Horner at the University of Toronto.