Brain & Breathing

Core values


We believe in essential core values in the Brain & Breathing Science lab. Although science is our primary goal, there are values that are essential to sustain scientific quality and honesty. We thrive to apply these values to every aspect of our work, so research can be flawless.


  1. Respect. All lab members are treated equal and can equally contribute to research.
  2. Diversity, equality and inclusion. Toronto encompasses a wide range of peoples with various philosophies, origins and cultures. Having a diverse workforce makes great research and ethical sense. We do not discriminate and believe in equal opportunities for all.
  3. Safe space. We consider our group as a safe space where everyone can thrive equally. Work place harassment, bullying, and verbal aggressivity are not tolerated.


Good science can only be performed by talented peoples and would not be possible without staff and trainees. We believe in peoples that can elevate research and become their bests.