Welcome to our new post-doctoral fellow Dr. Yara Zayed!

February 02, 2020

We have now an expert in zebrafish who is leading a research project on drug discovery in larval zebrafish. Yara did her PhD at York University on the roles of microRNA in zebrafish.

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Congrats to Dr. Jean-Philippe Rousseau for his CIHR postdoctoral fellowship…

June 01, 2020

Better late than never to congratulate Jean-Philippe for his CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship Award…Keep the excellent work!

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Congratulations to Andreea Furdui to receive an Ontario Graduate Scholarship …

Andreea Furdui receives an Ontario Graduate Scholarship to perform her IMS Master degree on the neural mechanisms of opioid-induced respiratory depression. Congrats!

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Congratulations to Shenhab Zaig to receive a CIHR – SGS-Master scholarship…

Congratulations to Shenhab Zaig for her CIHR- SGS-Master scholarship for her work on opioid-induced respiratory depression and analgesia in larval zebrafish… Keep the excellent work…

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